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 RULES - Halo 2 FFA & 2vs2 Tournaments

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PostSubject: RULES - Halo 2 FFA & 2vs2 Tournaments   Wed Aug 15, 2007 11:05 pm

Both Halo 2 tournaments are "MLG" based rules. early game rounds will be “Split Screen” with one other player, later rounds will be in "Full Screen". All players must BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) . No wireless controllers are allowed.. Rule Modifications marked in red.

Tournament Stations: 24" TV's, Played on XBox's

Free-For-All - the top 4 players in each game will advance if there is more than 1 round. Host will be determined randomly.

2vs2 - Double Elimination. Each match up will be a 2 best of 3 series, in the finals the losers bracket finalist must beat the winners bracket finalist in a 2 best of 3 series. All games will be seeded off of your free-for-all performance. The better you do in free-for-all, the better your seed. You can play the 2vs2 and not the free-for-all, just your seed will be affected for the worse. In all matchups the higher seeded team hosts.

General Player Rules

1. No grenade jumping.
2. No getting on top of any ledges on Warlock.
3. No leaving the normal boundaries of a level at any time (i.e. getting on top of a map).
4. No communication between players during FFA games.
5. No hiding the flag in walls.
6. No placing the ball out of reach.
7. No super bouncing.
8. No use of the "guardian glitch"
9. No looking at an opposing team's TV by players or coaches.
10. Any sign of cheating may result in a forfeit of the game .
11. No quitting out of a team slayer game.
12. All players must play with the Spartan character.
13. Teams must play as either the color red or blue.
14. In any case of a tie game, the game must be replayed with same settings, same host, and with a 5 minute time limit.
15. In case of an FFA tie game, the Tiebreakers are (in order): Points, Kills, Deaths, Assists, Shots Hit, Hit %, Player v Player.


-Score to Win Round = Unlimited
-Round Time Limit = 15 Minutes
-Suicide Penalty = None
-Starting Weapon = Battle Rifle
-Weapons on Map = Human
-All Games will be played on the map Midship


-All 2vs2 Games are Team Slayer Format
-Round Time Limit = 12 Minutes
-Resolve Ties = Off
-Suicide Penalty = None
-Motion Sensor = Off
-Team Changing = Off
-Respawn Time Modifier = None
-Betrayal Penalty = None
-Starting Weapon = Battle Rifle
-Weapon Respawn = Double Time

2vs2 Team Slayer Human

-Weapons on Map = Human
-Overshield = Off

2vs2 Team Slayer Rifles

-Weapons on Map = Rifles
-Overshield = On

2vs2 GameTypes

2v2 Team Slayer Human - Lockout
2v2 Team Slayer Human - MidShip
2v2 Team Slayer Human - Warlock
2v2 Team Slayer Human - Beaver Creek
2v2 Team Slayer Human - Sanctuary
2v2 Team Slayer Rifles - Lockout
2v2 Team Slayer Rifles - Beaver Creek
2v2 Team Slayer Rifles - Ivory Tower

Note: No refund after entry fee is placed in pot
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RULES - Halo 2 FFA & 2vs2 Tournaments
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